Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Annotated Bibliography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 6

Annotated Bibliography - Essay Example The fan YouTube video shows Jolie meeting her many fans. The video shows Jolie signing autographs for her eager fans. The visual & sound video shows fans were taking pictures of their idol. Meanwhile, Jolie’s bodyguards ensure Jolie’s safety and security. Several comments affirmed one of the Jolie fans fainted, dispelling the accident claim. The initial news reports indicated the fan met an avoidable fan accident. By staying away from the places where Jolie frequents, fan accidents can be literally avoided. With a large fan crowd, the fans must expect it is more difficult to step beside Jolie. For the faint of heart, it is highly advisable to stay away from Jolie’s path. In order to avoid being crushed by other Jolie fans, one fan insisted they must not rush towards their idol. Jolie agreed to have an avid fan her picture (Primary). The Jolie fan’s YouTube video showed both Jolie and husband Brad_Pitt greeting their fans. The video scene was taken during the 2014 film_Independent Spirit Awarding ceremony. Some video viewers commented they did not like Jolie’s question. Other fans opined Jolie’s question was meant to be funny. Another fan insisted Jolie’s questioning seemed seriously uttered. Another video videor emphasized some fans treat Jolie as a movie goddess (Primary). The YouTube video shows another fan’s coverage of Jolie doing humanitarian work. The scene shows Jolie carrying carry a young African boy. The fan uploaded the video to show she is proud of Jolie’s humanitarian work. In another scene, Jolie is seen visiting some bedridden refugees. Another scene showed Jolie was crying as she felt some individuals succumb to the harsh realities of life. The fan likes how Jolie would go visit the children of native African community. Jolie’s humanitarian efforts affirms Jolie goes out her way to beneficially improve the lives of the world’s poor families. Many

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